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Why We Give

Giving is powerful and goes a long way in bettering the lives of others and ourselves.
See the stories on why giving is so monumental and how it enables our mission at Mission Outreach Of NEA.

WHY Terry Austin GIVES

I serve at Mission Outreach because I believe that if Jesus were here today, you'd find him there. Not in a pulpit or organizing a political action committee, but serving and sharing life with people who live on the margins of society. The friends I've made and the lessons I've learned have reshaped my faith, my worldview, and (hopefully) my priorities. Serving has torn down walls I had unknowingly built in my own heart, pierced my prejudices about poverty, homelessness, addiction, and opened my eyes to the plight of those struggling with physical, emotional, and mental health.

Jamie Jamison Adams
Why Jamie Adams Gives

During my childhood, my father often spoke about the community (Lafe/Hooker) that raised him after his mother died. That community understood the value of helping a child, a neighbor, to achieve their potential. Community strength comes from ensuring that every member has the resources and opportunities to fulfill their potential.

I give because we are all one unfortunate circumstance from needing help. For me, Mission Outreach of NEA provides the community support and encouragement that someone needs to transform a bad situation into a productive and positive one.

--Jamie Jamison Adams

Missy Threadgill Why Missy Threadgill Gives

I am known as "The Birthday Lady" at Mission Outreach. I host birthday parties at the shelter every Sunday, honoring birthdays there. Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to host group parties lately, but when the number of virus cases start going down dramatically, I shall return!
In the meantime I am mailing Wal-Mart gift cards to all birthday recipients. At our parties we have decorations, refreshments, games, and of course gifts. I have a group of volunteers who help me buy gifts to insure that the birthday person receives most of the items on his/her wish list. I also recognize all Holidays with a special celebration and gifts for all. We always have a huge Christmas party with very nice gifts for all, entertainment, and Santa Claus! Every summer I host a Spa Day for the residents held at Arkansas Academy of Hair Design in Paragould. Free haircuts and styles, massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures are offered. along with refreshments and gifts for all.
Why do I do this? bring worth to the Mission Outreach residents who suddenly find themselves in a homeless shelter. This could happen to any of us! What better way to say "you matter" than to honor someone's birthday! This shelter does so much more for these folks than just providing shelter, food, and clothes. It works hard to bring these people out of homelessness into their own place; sometimes this process takes years, but I have seen so many success stories first-hand, as I continue to be friends with many of them who have left Mission.
If there are those of you reading this who would like to help me with my special occasions at the shelter, you can reach me through the Director at Mission. I always welcome new volunteers. The blessing will be yours.

--Missy Threadgill

Why Jim Jackson Gives

I started to volunteer at Mission Outreach of Northeast Arkansas many years ago as a way to be a better board member. Serving the clients of this organization has changed my life. Seeing a place where one can come and get help to survive whether it be with food, shelter, job assistance, medical assistance, and many other services. Sometimes a way to start a new life or at least help them through a tough time. This is very fulfilling for me to be a part of this. I am very thankful to have any opportunity to work with the staff and clients.

--Jim Jackson

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The Benefits Of Giving

why you should donate

  • Small charity donations have a HUGE IMPACT
  • Provides a way to make a community BETTER
  • Giving is a SELFLESS act
  • Allows YOU to be part of something POWERFUL
  • A community is only as STRONG as its most VULNERABLE member
  • Donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE

the benefits of donating

  • When you help those in need, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE and help change lives
  • When you donate, you IMPACT your community in a POSITIVE DIRECTION.
  • Contributing SHOWS YOUR GRATITUDE for the good fortune in your life.
  • Giving of your time and money MOTIVATES others to HELP.
  • Donating activates the pleasure center of the brain and IMPROVES YOUR HEALTH.
  • Being chartable TEACHES your CHILDREN to be appreciative and generous.
  • Giving brings more MEANING TO YOUR LIFE.

You're Ready To Donate! How To Make It Happen.

First, decide how you want to contribute: financially, volunteering, or both.


Giving your time or expertise is a beautiful way to make a difference. Mission Outreach has a variety of volunteer opportunities. You can help by participating in one or more of the Mission's program

  • Kitchen and Food Distribution
  • Life Skills Meeting/Classes
  • Garden
  • Fundraising Events
  • Filling The Pantry
  • Transportation
  • Repairs & Maintenance

Learn more about these programs.


You have several monetary ways to donate:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Online
  • Goods - Food, Clothing, Furniture, Supplies
  • Assets - Cars, Property, Houses,

A few things to know before you make a financial contribution:

  • Determine whether the contribution to your organization of choice is tax-deductible. You will need to know if the organization is eligible by the IRS to be considered a tax-deductible entity. Mission Outreach Of NEA a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Paragould. Contributions to a 501(c)(3) organization are tax-deductible.
  • Make sure you receive a receipt with a dollar amount of your donation.
  • Inform the organization if this is a tribute/in-honor-of gift
  • Coordinate with the organization before you donate to ensure the non-cash donations are needed.

Learn More About Donations

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