Our Mission Statement

" Our vision is to equip and empower individuals to sustain or regain self-sufficiency through housing, food, resources, supportive services and networks."

Welcome To Mission Outreach of NEA

Mission Outreach of Northeast Arkansas, Inc is a non-profit located in the heart of Paragould, Arkansas. Since 1982, we've made it our mission to devote our time and resources to those in need. Our services aim to house the homeless, feed the hunger and enrich the lives of members of our community through various services. We encourage everyone to become a part of the movement in giving back. There are many ways you can participate. Through financial and supply contributions, volunteer work and more.

volunteer work

How We Benefit The Community  


By housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, & enriching the lives of members of our community through our comprehensive services. 

Housing Assistance

Mission Outreach helps residents get on the Housing Authority list and fill out the application, if needed.

Kitchen & Food Program

We help fight against hunger through meal and food distributions.

Assistance Programs

We are partnered with Life Strategies to assist residents with mental health.

Volunteer Services

Our volunteers contribute through cooking, serving meals, working in the food pantry, unloading trucks and more.

Life Skills Classes

Mission Outreach has a dedicated case manager that teaches courses on life skills such as household management and job preparation.

Garden & Transportation

We assist residents in need of transportation to job interviews and appointments. We also offer a community garden to harvest fresh produce.

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Mission Outreach logoMission Outreach Of NEA Services  


With Mission Outreach, our goal is centered in bettering the lives of those in need. We seek to ensure all necessities of life are met for impoverished members of our community including housing, food, utility assistance, connect residents with mental health services and opportunities for independence. See below the services we provide to better the lives of others in Northeast Arkansas. 



Ways You Can Volunteer & Donate

There are so many ways that YOU can help Mission Outreach make a difference in the fight against poverty.

Give Back

There are so many ways you can give to help others in your community. We organize teams dedicated to volunteer work in various areas including working in fundraisers, managing labor and supply contributions, serving meals, managing pantry contributions. We're always in need of helping hands and donations.

- Monetary Contributions

- Labor/Supply Contributions
- Automatic Subscriptions

- Fundraising Activities
- Legacy Donations

- & More!

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