Mission Outreach

The History of Mission Outreach of NEA

Mission Outreach of Northeast Arkansas, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Paragould, Arkansas. Founded in 1982, Mission Outreach provides emergency services to the indigent population of Northeast Arkansas. Our vision is to equip and empower individuals to sustain or regain self-sufficiency through housing, food, resources, supportive services and networks. The goal of Mission Outreach is to house the homeless, care for the sick and feed the hungry by providing a fresh start, specific help, and new hope.

Why We Do What We Do

As our mission statement says, we do what we do to "equip and empower individuals to sustain or regain self-sufficiency through housing, food, resources, supportive services and networks." We believe in extending a helping hand to those in need because giving back enriches our community as a whole. We're in this together.

How We Do What We Do  


Mission Outreach operates as an emergency homeless facility offering both short and long term housing with supportive services to the homeless, as well as homeless prevention, utility assistance, case management, and mental health services to impoverished individuals and families in Northeast Arkansas. We provided shelter to 354 individuals, served 44,595 meals, and distributed 4805 food boxes to those in need in 2019. We serve three hot meals daily to residents as well as to anyone else in the community that walks-in for a meal. We transport residents for job searches, employment, counseling, general education, medical services and specialized classes, such as parenting, anger management, and job preparation. 

Our organizational structure is streamlined with only three staff members. The Executive Director is in charge of all administrative and financial duties and gives direction to other staff members. The Executive Director is tasked with grant administration, developing residential programs, assisting individuals with documentation needs and other work readiness needs, public speaking, media relations and branding. Our Development Director plans all special events, meets with donors one-on-one, develops new fundraising campaigns, documents and acknowledges all gifts, is involved in the community and administers our food programs. 

Our Grant Writer/Administrative Assistant handles daily needs of the community, including but not limited to, providing utility assistance, food assistance, & medical assistance. She also verifies and enters all data into the Homeless Management Information System for the State of Arkansas. She is the lead researcher for grants and grant writing. 
A 12 member Board of Directors oversees and governs policies and procedures of Mission Outreach and fiduciary responsibilities for our organization.

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Meet Our Staff

Meet those who devote their lives to Mission Outreach to make a difference.

Jana Burnett

Executive Director

Trish Eubanks

Developmental Director

denise wooldridge 

 Case Manager

Dylan north

 Administrative Assistant

Our Board Members

Tim Roswell – President

Stanley Carmack – Vice President

Kelly Roswell – Secretary

 Janet Chronister - Treasurer

Dustin Rumsey

Susan Youngblood

Dr. Brinda McKinney-LeGrand

Janie Stone

Jeremy Wooldridge

Mardy Holmes

Gia Taylor

Shae Nunn

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