Housing programs

Housing Assistance


Mission Outreach operates as an emergency homeless shelter, offering both short and long term housing with supportive services to the homeless, as well as homeless prevention. While Mission Outreach does not have an official housing program, we work alongside Paragould Housing Authority to help individuals find permanent housing. 

Mission Outreach operates an emergency shelter, 365 days a year. Homeless clients of NEA can find a bed, shower, food, and hope all under one roof. Mission Outreach offers job hunting resources, mental health therapy, medication assistance, and much more to each person who claims Mission Outreach as a temporary home. 

Mission Outreach logo In the last ten years,
we've provided shelter to 4792 individuals

We believe that every individual has a basic right to shelter. We stand in a fight against homelessness so that every man, woman and child can rest in peace during the night. Join our cause to ensure no resident of Greene County goes without a place to call home.

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